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Art, history, fashion and a reputation for great cuisine are all blended in Milano along with its understated elegance. A city of contrasts, modern and old- fashioned, discreet and thrilling. Leonardo’s Last Supper is tucked away in a monk’s dining hall, close by bustling shopping streets and modern skyscrapers.

Being based in Milano means living and breathing creativity, style and design every day of the year. You can feel the vibe of the people in every neighborhood of the city, as young people reinvent them with their work, passion and imagination. Explore the city and its vibrant energy!

Lombardia is nature’s masterpiece

A one-hour train ride and you'll be whisked away to some of the most breath-taking scenery in Northern Italy. The world-famous lakes (Maggiore, Como and Garda) offer enchanting views and romantic getaways. A chance to relax in magical settings. Dazzling villas and parks, quaint lake-side villages and plenty of outdoor activities (hiking, water sports) for the more enterprising travellers... the choice is endless.

Stunning mountain views

As you look up from the shores of the lakes you'll be dazzled by the peaks of the Italian Alps, one of the most diverse and thrilling mountain ranges in the world. Soon to host the Milano-Cortina 2026 Winter Olympic Games, these mountains offer wonderful trekking opportunities and great skiing, even in summer.

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