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Style, good food and season magic is what Milano is all about during winter time. A city of contrasts modern and old-fashioned, with traditions old and new. It was 1839 when that awesome big bread garnished with butter, eggs, sugar and raisins or sultanas became one of the season’s favourites: the Panettone.

Milanese bakeries and cafés are the place to be to be spoilt with such delights.

Lombardia is nature

A one-hour train ride and you’ll be whisked away to some of the most breath-taking scenery in Northern Italy. Stunning landscapes offer unmissable backdrops for Autumn excursions among coloured-leaves pine forests, carved wood sculptures decorated pathways and secret glimpses of fluvio-glacial lakes.

Amazing mountain view

As you look up from the shores of the lakes you’ll be dazzled by the peaks of the Italian Alps, one of the most diverse and thrilling mountain ranges in the world. Soon to host the Milano-Cortina 2026 Winter Olympic Games, these mountains offer wonderful trekking opportunities and great skiing.

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